Bradford has been my accountant since 1999. At the beginning, he was just doing my corporation year-end financial statements and tax return. I was so pleased with his services that I soon had him doing my monthly bookkeeping as well. Since 2008, Bradford is now one-stop shopping for my family, which includes my husband's business, son's business, daughter's tax return, and our U.S. and Canadian personal tax filings. I would recommend Brad to anyone looking for an accountant that is on top of the current U.S and Canadian tax laws, someone who is professional, and someone who treats you like you are his most important client. 
Mrs. Cheryl Chaney

I was referred to Bradford Taylor by a colleague of mine. Due to divorce, I had let my finances unravel and hadn't filed my U.S. or Canadian tax returns dating back several years and was in fear of the end result. I sat down with Brad and he began asking me numerous questions about my income and expense sources for the past eight years. When all was said and done, he managed to get me back $72,038 from Canada Revenue Agency due in large part from my U.S. rental property losses. In addition, he recently assisted me in obtaining my U.S. Social Security and Canada Pension Plan benefits. Brad is always available when I try to reach him by telephone or email, and I sincerely recommend him to anyone needing U.S. or Canadian income tax filings. 
Michael Yates
Orangeville, ON

Years back when I first started working in the U.S., I had another accountant do my taxes. They claimed they were accountants, but in fact they weren't. After being with this agency for about three years, I kept wondering why I always had to pay so much in tax. I had a falling out with these people just before tax time one year as a result of this. I was desperately looking for someone to complete my taxes for that year before they became due. I found Bradford Taylor in the phone listing and gave him a call. He completed my taxes for that year, and also looked in my prior years taxes. He found that I had been paying close to double taxes the whole time I was with this other agency. He managed to recover $20,402 in taxes that I had paid. I work all over the US and Canada so it is a relief to know that he's able to do my taxes regardless of where I'm working. I'm able to reach out to him any time of the year to query him about deductions, expenses and tax issues for which he gives me good solid advice. It gives me piece of mind knowing that he is in my corner and looking out for my interests. I highly recommend Brad to everyone. 
Helmuth Pletz
Windsor, ON

Bradford has been our accountant since 2004. We weren't happy with the service of our former accountant and monthly bookkeeper, so we retained Brad. He currently handles everything, including our corporate financial statements, monthly bookkeeping and government filings, and year-end personal tax returns. This way he sees the whole picture and can offer the best tax planning opportunities for everything. 
Robert Luciani

I have been a client of Bradford Taylor since 2004. He also provides tax preparation for my wife and two adult sons. His service has always been professional, courteous and resulted in a more than favorable outcome. Brad's attention to detail and always available for questions work ethic has provided a superior customer experience every time. I also introduced my late father to Brad's services in 2007. Given Brad's attention to detail and professional manner, he won him over. My father often mentioned that he appreciated the personal touch of Brad's service. Brad's constant care and experience has also greatly assisted in the final tax preparation for my father's estate. I would recommend Bradford Taylor to anyone that wants their personal income taxes performed by a professional that is up to date on all government income tax rules and allowable deductions, and want their taxes done right the first time. 
Gary A. Hope
Tecumseh, ON

My wife is an American citizen who has been living in Canada (as a landed immigrant) for over 40 years. We first contacted Brad in 2010 for help in doing Vicki's U.S. tax filings. This was when the U.S. demanded all U.S. citizens living abroad to file taxes dating back to 2003. Every tax accountant in Windsor (that was qualified to do that) was so busy that you would be lucky to get a call back because there was a deadline in place. Bradford was kind enough to meet with us on a Saturday and took us on. He got the job done on time in an efficient and professional manner. That was just the start. My wife is disabled and has tried to get the disability tax credits for almost 10 years. Our taxes have been prepared by our financial planner for 15 years, and they had no success. Bradford knew how to get the proper forms for the Doctors to fill out, and went back 7 years and filed the claims. He was even willing to hold back most of his fees until the claims went through. We finally got what Vicki was entitled to! Bradford then reviewed our personal taxes for several years past and saw errors. We once again got money owed to us with his help. Bradford's knowledge and attention to detail is incredible. He always made us feel that we were in good hands and that we could trust him. We would never consider using anyone else for our taxes. 
Albert & Vicki Winter
Windsor, ON

After experiencing a Canada Revenue Agency tax audit for two years, we needed to find a reliable, knowledgeable accountant that we could count on for our business and personal income tax preparation. We have used Brad's services for several years now, and have found him to be very professional, timely and precise when preparing our returns. We also trust him to manage any questions or issues that may arise with our taxes, and he has always followed through on our behalf. We are very satisfied with Brad's services and would recommend him to anyone who needs a professional accountant for their tax preparation. 
Joseph & Linda Balga
Windsor, ON